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WordPress Announcements News and Info

MyCurator for WordPress

MyCurator is a WordPress plugin by mtilly that supports your content curation process by using AI techniques to weed out 90% or more of the articles in your feeds, alerts and blogs, saving you hours every day.

MyCurator started as a hosted offering for businesses who provided targeted articles and insights to their customers to drive engagement and customer retention. As a WordPress plugin, MyCurator connects to the same cloud process that powers the hosted business sites. This allows MyCurator to maintain a low processing overhead on your blog.

After training, you will typically see only 5 to 10 good articles out of 100 read by MyCurator

Training is simple with a click of a thumbs up or thumbs down on each article

Works with any RSS source of articles including google alerts, blogs, news feeds even twitter searches

Targeted news feeds and twitter searches can be created with MyCurator from within WordPress

You can choose to automatically have the good articles posted to a specific category on your blog.

Or you may choose to manually curate the best insights from the articles into your own blog posts.

Each article is saved as a readable page, like Instapaper, using Diffbot technology.

MyCurator is free for individuals, bloggers and non-profits, but you will have to obtain an API Key to access the cloud services.

For businesses, those promoting products and higher volume users, low priced monthly plans are available. Visit http://www.target-info.com/pricing for more information.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mycurator/

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