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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WP Cinema Plugin for WordPress

WP Cinema a plugin for WordPress by Brian Coogan s a movie display and management system intended for cinema websites. It is flexible, configurable, and powerful, and can be integrated with your inhouse ticketing system.

Displays movies on home page with session times
Clickable session times can take you straight to booking links
Framework supporting integration with in house ticketing systems
Manual movie and session entry if your system is not supported
Easy movie categorization for “baby friendly” or “premium” sessions
Commercial options and full support available
The basic version of WP Cinema provided here works for 1-3 screens and is sufficient to run a small cinema or film festival website.

WP Cinema provides a simple framework for displaying today’s session times on the home page. The home page format displays a thumbnail for each movie, along with a title and session times. The session times are clickable and lead to a configurable booking link.

The user can also click on a movie which then displays in it’s own page, with a description of the movie (which you can edit). The commercial version provides default images and description, in the lite version you enter everything yourself.

The author notes: WP Cinema is in beta at the present; this is a functional beta release for your testing purposes.

Download and extensive info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-cinema/

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