WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

SeeVolution Announces Updated WordPress Plug-in

SeeVolution has released, version 2.0.0, of their plugin which allows users to view on-page overlaid website heatmaps with real-time data. Despite its recent launch, the updated plug-in is already receiving high marks from customers who have integrated it onto their sites. The new plug-in is compatible with WordPress version 3.3.2 and requires, at minimum, version 2.3.

With this new version, webmasters can log in to SeeVolution and view their sites as their visitors see them. Transparent click maps create a detailed image of user behavior, allowing companies to evaluate and improve upon their current site designs in order to maximize conversions. The updated plug-in can be used to view scroll and heat maps and can also track data from conversion pages without influencing a site’s load times or overall performance.

Anticipating a heavier traffic flow through the site from WordPress and other users, SeeVolution has also upgraded its server load capacity by 200% to speed up the transfer of data which allows clients to view real-time analytics without navigating away from their own pages. The increase in processing power was implemented due to customer demand, and the redesigned architecture allows for a seamless user experience.
A spokesperson for the company says, “We are excited about these improvements and look forward to releasing more enhancements in the near future.”

Currently, users can view a transparent overlay which includes traffic numbers and sources, heat maps for visualizing visitors’ mouse movements and scrolling patterns, and click maps that illustrate how often links are being followed. This data is intended to help site owners assess areas that are performing well in addition to those that need improving.

There are many major websites currently using SeeVolution and the analytics service has received rave reviews from Mashable and other technology blogs. Webmasters can learn more about the product and sign up at http://www.seevolution.com

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