WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Extensis release WebINK plugin for WordPress

Extensis has released a free WebINK plugin that makes it simple to add live fonts from the industry leading web font service WebINK® to self- or ISP-hosted WordPress web sites.

This plug-in makes WebINK fonts available for use in WordPress. Fonts can be selected using the Visual editor in WordPress or applied to CSS selectors. The plug-in makes it easy for those who may have little CSS or HTML experience to apply web fonts to their sites.

Today’s announcement follows Extensis recent news of its innovative pricing model, offering the only web font service based on unique visitors instead of page views. WebINK’s breakthrough pricing provides significant cost savings.

WebINK web font service plans start at just $20 per year for sites with up to 20,000 unique monthly visitors. Its most popular pricing plan is only $50 per year for sites with up to 80,000 unique monthly visitors, with easy options for upgrading if traffic to your site increases.

Additionally, WebINK offers a unique free Development level, allowing web designers and developers to prototype web sites free of charge using WebINK’s 4,200+ fonts from world renowned foundries. The free Development level also allows customers to transfer finished projects to their client’s accounts to bring into full production. For full information on the new pricing structure, visit http://www.webink.com/pricing.

Customers who use WebINK can now use its free plug-in to connect with WordPress, including with the free Development Package. To download this plug-in, visit http://www.webink.com/wordpress/.

To learn more about WebINK, visit http://www.webink.com.

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