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EU Cookie Law – WP Cookie Law plugin for WordPress

WP Cookie Law is a wordpress plugin which installs instantly onto your wordpress enable website. Whenever anyone visits your site for the first time since the plugin was installed, a popup or a slide down […] Announce WordPress Web Hosting Promotion

FastWebHost, a leading innovator in the affordable web hosting industry, has announced the promotion of their $1.99 a month WordPress Web Hosting plan. The Value Plan promotion now offers world class WordPress hosting for blogs […]

Frontend Uploader Plugin for WordPress

Frontend Uploader for WordPress is a plugin that is useful if you want to power up your site with user generated content and give your users ability to easily upload it. Essentially, the plugin is […]

Radius Theme for WordPress

Radius is a WordPress theme by webdesignerdrops allowing you to create any type of website you want. Radius features: custom background, drop-down menu, header logo, highly customizable and adaptable, theme options, post excerpts with thumbnails, […]

AdPress for WordPress

AdPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your own site and mobile ads from a simple WordPress admin panel. Using a shortocde or widgets to place graphic banner, button, or tower ads […]

WordPress 3.4 Release Candidate Announced has announced that the first release candidate (RC1) for WordPress 3.4 is now available. Andrew Nacin. writes “An RC comes after the beta period and before final release. We think we’re done, but with […]

WP Changes Tracker plugin for WordPress

WP Changes Tracker is a WordPress plugin by pixeline that maintains a log of all themes, plugins and wordpress changes. The author says there will be a “Theme and wordpress core upgrade soon.” Download:

WP Pinner WordPress Plugin

WP Pinner is a free WordPress plugin by Wilco & Mark to manage your Pinterest account. With this plugin you can easily auto-pin WordPress posts, schedule your pins throughout the day, auto-follow users to get […]

Pinterest Theme for WordPress

Pinterest is a premium theme for WordPress that exactly resembles your favorite Pinterest site. The theme delivers multi column layout with facility to add any number of pins to the pinboard. Features include: 1.1 General […]

Private Notes Plugin for WordPress

Private Notes is a WordPress plugin that lets an author keep private notes with a post by makeing text between note tags private to author only and hidden to visitors. Example: [note] my private note […]

WOW Analytics for WordPress

WOW Analytics is a WordPress plugin by that will unmask the company names of your website visitors. WOW is an essential B2B lead generation tool that greatly enhances your online marketing ROI. This is […]