WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

WP Hosting Dedicated WordPress Hosting and Support Service Based in London

WP Hosting combines a hosting package, a domain name, a WordPress installation and ad-hoc support from one dedicated supplier. The service focuses on ease of use, including nightly backups and WordPress core and plugin upgrades.

WP Hosting is the brainchild of Jay Versluis, who has been offering dedicated WordPress support to his customers for many years.
Says Versluis, “I’ve been helping the community with much success in the past through my blog. I saw the need for a service which combines the ease of WordPress.com with the benefits and freedom of a self-hosted version.”

WordPress.com offers free hosting and instant installation, but does not allow customers to display advertisements or the use of dedicated themes or plugins. WP Hosting makes all this possible.

“When people start out with WordPress, the learning curve is steep enough as it is, without having to grasp other hosting providers terminology and control panels. The confusion on my client’s faces spoke more than a thousand words.”

“At WP Hosting, we do away with a Control Panel, one-click installers, DNS settings, multiple logins and all the techno jabber. Instead we do all the complicated stuff in the background and present our clients with a self-hosted working version of WordPress, ready to rock and populate. And they love it!”

Dedicated support is often hard to find, but Jay has the solution built into WP Hosting: an ever growing knowledge base of articles around specific WordPress questions, professional Video Tutorials as well as a fee-based ticket support system. The team are also planning to launch a members only forum in the New Year.

“It can be frustrating when you know what you want but don’t yet have the knowledge, time or patience to put it into practice – that’s where our dedicated WordPress support comes in. It’s especially handy when people get started and need some pointers. We believe this is a refreshing change over free and often unreliable community support. We currently offer individual support sessions, either in person or via email and we’re planning WordPress support workshops in our office in Kings Cross in the New Year.”

The WP Hosting team also update all websites to the latest versions of WordPress when core or plugin updates get released. Rather than relying on an automatic process, a human being does this so there’s never any fear of the much feared White Screen of Doom taking a website down. Says Versluis, “It’s a LOT of work, but we take the smooth running of our sites very seriously”.

With a choice of three tailored hosting packages, WP Hosting caters for everyone from personal startup to high traffic websites.

“Our Starter Plan gives you 3GB of space without the limitations of WordPress.com. You can install any theme or plugin you like, and display as many adverts as you want. The package comes with a free domain and is good for 5000 visitors a month. It’s the ideal starting point for those who want to go beyond the limitations of WordPress.com.“

“The Success Monster Plan is good for twice as many monthly visitors and also comes with 5 email accounts on your domain.”

“Our VIP Hosting Plan moves your site to a dedicated managed server and can cater for anything above 10,000 visitors. Dedicated resources mean the server can grow with your needs. Includes unlimited email accounts and domains.”

More price plans and add-on services are in the pipeline, such as an Affiliate Scheme which promises good cash incentives to those willing to spread the word of WP Hosting.

“Right now we’re working on an affiliate programme: everyone who sends us a sign-up can make a whopping £50 throughout January! Makes up for the Christmas spending spree we think, and will give us a boost for our official launch. Watch this space!”
WP Hosting is a cosy little outfit based in London, UK. The small team consists of Jay, Julia, Woody and The Ninjas. Together they run a network of 8 servers for their extremely happy clients.

See all features and pricing details at http://wphosting.tv

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