WordPress Development Company Announces New Product Line

It seems a lot can happen in just twelve short months, and no one knows that better than the WordPress development company’s Head of Research, Clint Maher. “After initially just dealing with other web design agencies, Spanky now has new product lines that are available to the public, or at a b2b level,” he said.

This change of direction was prompted, due to continually turning away small and medium sized businesses, whom wanted a WordPress development project.

Maher continues, “Once we realised the market’s insatiable appetite for premium WordPress websites, we knew we had to work on our internal systems, and also put a lot of development into our customer support.” While dealing with web development agencies is one thing, being able to communicate in an effective and personable manner with small business owners wanting a new website was completely different.

WordPress is indeed a buzz word these days, with more than 15% of all websites in the world being created on this open source platform. Unlike the static HTML sites of years gone by, WordPress is a dynamic platform, using database/s to deliver its content.

Although WordPress was initially seen as the choice of tool for many bloggers, it has quickly left that perception behind. Some of the biggest websites on the planet are made from WordPress, including Mashable.com and Techcrunch.com just to name a couple.

While many web development agencies have been reluctant to use the WordPress platform, Spanky Media was created to only develop from the platform.
Maher said, “The three new products cater for a broad range of small and medium sized businesses. The ease of use to update content for a site admin is incredibly simple, and business owners can now update their websites in-house, and not pay ridiculous maintenance fees to traditional web development agencies.”

Spanky Media’s new product range include a lite, premium, and custom design website. Examples of all three can be seen on the Spanky Media website. spankymedia.com.au

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