WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Best WordPress Development Companies Announced

The independent authority on web design agencies, bestwebdesignagencies.com, released the January 2010 rankings of the best WordPress development companies. Hundreds of vendors were put through an extensive evaluation process in order to find the best WordPress development company. Once the evaluations are complete, the information is compiled, and a list of the best is created.

WordPress development firms can create unique templates, added functions, and many other features on the WordPress platform. The companies that have been ranked by bestwebdesignagencies.com have a clear understanding of the platform and its capabilities. They utilize this information in order to meet the needs of their clients while maintaining the site’s readability by search engines.

The best WordPress development companies are:

1. Studio 7 Designs Inc.
2. Maple Design Ltd
3. Red Evolution
4. North Studio
5. Hexa Designers
6. Finding Simple
7. Ask Graphics
8. Go4WordPress
9. iSquare Technologies
10. Equal Design

The evaluation process performed by an experienced research team reviews every aspect of the WordPress development firm. In addition the team contacts at least three clients of each vendor to understand the client’s perspective when working with the development firm. Questions are asked of clients such as, “How did the vendor ensure that the standards have been met within each project?” or “Does the vendor pay attention to detail in the themes and make each section of the site appear to flow together?”.

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