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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Restore WordPress From Backup Files

WP Backup Plugin was recently launched to help bloggers avoid the tragedy of losing all their files and posts.

According to the http://wpbackupplugin.com website, users install the plugin to their blog and it works by copying and saving the entire WordPress site into a zip file. At any point, users can then restore WordPress from backup files created by the WP Backup Plugin. The recovery process takes approximately three clicks and one minute to complete. Users who have problems with either the installation or recovery process are able to contact the WP Backup Plugin tech support team for help

The WP Backup Plugin website offers several scenarios where a plugin of this nature can save the day. For example, a hacked WordPress blog can be restored to its pre-hacked condition with the help of a backup plugin. New WordPress users who accidentally delete a file while making a customization change can also benefit from a backup plugin, should things not turn out as planned.

WP Backup Plugin costs $97. More information, including a video demonstration, can be found at

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