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Magento WordPress Integration Plugin

Magento WordPress Integration plugin by jamesckemp means you will be able to add any Magento blocks to your WordPress theme, including ones you have created yourself and static blocks created through the Magento admin area. You can also add any number of Magento products to your WordPress posts and pages.

The Magento WordPress Integration Plugin allows you to to the following:

Bring out any of the default Magento Blocks in your WordPress theme.
Bring out any Magento blocks that you have created yourself.
Bring out any static blocks that you have made in your Magento admin area.
Choose which toplinks to show (if you are using that block).
Choose which javascript and css files to load in your WordPress theme.
Add additional javascript and css files from you Magento installation.
Show Magento products on a WordPress post or page by entering a list of comma seprated SKUs into the field provided in the post/page editors.
Use the options provide in the plugin settings to style the products that are shown on posts/pages.

Plugin homepage: http://www.jckemp.com/plugins/magento-wordpress-integration/

Plugin download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/magento-wordpress-integration/
If upgrading, please back up your database first!

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