Google Voice Posts on WordPress

Google Voice Posts is a plugin by Otto42 that uses the Google Voice API, to read your voicemails and import them Google Voice into a WordPress blog. It uses a custom post type to store the voicemail posts, and it imports the MP3 files from Google to your own site.

The author says: “This plugin is more of a proof of concept, and would be suitable for use on an internal site, or possibly on a Q&A type site with users asking questions via voicemails. It’s meant more to show off some weird and wacky uses of WordPress and custom posts, as well as a being a lesson in how to use the WordPress HTTP API to interact with external websites in interesting ways. It’s not meant for actual use, more of as a base to start with or as a teaching aid. It also demonstrates how to do media sideloading, to load files from other sites into WordPress as attachments.”


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