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BuddyPress Automatic Friends Plugin

BuddyPress Automatic Friends plugin will automatically create and accept friendships for specified users upon new user registration. * Requires BuddyPress Plugin homepage: Download Plugin:

Twitter Bootstrap for WordPress

Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites. Using this plugin you can easily embed Bootstrap and manage it’s options. Also comes with a panel to insert custom LESS […]

Elbee Elgee Theme for WordPress

Elbee Elgee is a WordPress theme by ZaMoose that supports most advanced WordPress features, such as Featured Images, widgetized sidebars, custom header images, and custom backgrounds. It also features templates for BuddyPress and a custom […]

WordPress Snap Thumbnail Display Plugin

WordPress Snap by Valentin Brandt is a simple shortcode for display a thumbnail from any website. This plugin uses the service to generate a website preview thumbnail. The orignal shortcode created by Valentin Brandt […]

BuddyPress 1.5 Beta 3 Released

BuddyPress 1.5 Beta 3 is available today for developer testing. “We’re keeping our momentum going and squashed enough bugs in Beta 2 that we want to give it another trip around the block to make […]

Magento WordPress Integration Plugin

Magento WordPress Integration plugin by jamesckemp means you will be able to add any Magento blocks to your WordPress theme, including ones you have created yourself and static blocks created through the Magento admin area. […]

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress Book

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to WordPress by Susan Gunelius from Alpha Books/Penguin. is mainly aimed at beginners. The first two parts of the book cover the basics of WordPress blogging and included a chapter examiningt […]

WordPressFile Permissions & Size Check

File Permissions & Size Check is a WordPress plugin by wycks that will add a little “x” next to any files/folders set to 777, since this is inherently insecure. Checks all recursive folders that come […]

Google Keyword Tracker for WordPress

Google Keyword Tracker by moesispro enables you to track unlimited number of keywords. The plugin automatically generate a keywords list for you based on how your visitors find your website from Google. Google Keyword Tracker […]

NatureFox Theme for WordPress

NatureFox is a WordPress theme by uepselon that allows a blog and a website to represent a natural environment. The color of NatureFox based on brown and green tones, the background picture natural environment of […]

Big Red Framework Theme for WordPress

Big Red Framework by peterwilsoncc is intended for web developers creating bespoke themes for their clients. It contains a ton of options for the developer to configure, without a messy options screen cluttering up the […]

Google Translate for WordPress

GoogleTranslate is a free WordPress Plugin by pokertech which is able to automatically translate your blog in 52 different languages. Install the google translate plug-in and visit Appearance -> Widgets and drag the google translate […]