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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Virtual Agent Software Plugin for WordPress

InteliWISE, creator of award winning Virtual Agents, has released its plugin for WordPress.

Virtual assistants provide 7/24 active assistance to customers through active tracking and instant feedback. Inteliwise Agents improve sales by intercepting abandoning customers and convincing them to finish their purchase. The agent can also actively monitor customer progress through a site and reach out to visitors with offers, questions, or suggestions using an AI intent–based search engine, and active event triggers.

As compared to live chat plugin for WordPress, the InteliWISE Agent can be fully automated and does not require a live representative to assist visitors. Visitors can enter questions in their own words, and the AI software, powered by cutting-edge predictive technology, provides answers quickly and accurately. With the addition of active monitoring and action triggers, the agent can actively interact with customers and improve conversions.

InteliWISE agents are a new customer engagement tool that can play different roles on WordPress sites, including:

>a better Contact Form
It’s an advanced triggering system, to present the Contact form or Signup form to the potential customers at the right moment, to increase conversions

>a Feedback widget
It’s a smart and customizable Feedback tool that is precisely triggered in order to maximize feedback response

>a Lead Generation tool
It boosts sales and reduces bounce rates by detecting users possibly ready to leave the site and grabbing their attention by presenting extra offers

Through the use of triggers, the agent is prompted to make offers of assistance to the site visitors. The agent can also ask the visitor to answer questions, it can collect email addresses, offer coupons, discounts, and more, all based on the actions of the visitor.

It can be installed within minutes on any WordPress web site, blog or online store.
The agent is completely configurable, allowing the control of site placement, and a selection of +100 male or female avatars in the library, ready–to–use. Last, but not least, rich reporting will provide important information on what customers are asking about, in their exact words.

InteliWISE Virtual chat Agent is the first out–of–the-box plug in for the WordPress – leading content management system (CMS) with more than 40 million sites built on it.

DOWNLOAD virtual agent plugin here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/inteliwise-virtual-agent/

Read details on http://inteliwise.com/wordpress

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