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WordPress Announcements News and Information

TokBox Announces WordPress Live Video Chat Plugin

TokBox, today released the OpenTok Video Chat plugin, the world’s first live, group video communications capability for WordPress sites.

The plugin, available for WordPress.org and WordPress.com VIP sites, is the first to go beyond broadcast mode, allowing up to 10 people to participate in a single interview or discussion while hundreds can watch. There are 30 million WordPress.org and WordPress.com VIP sites, making up around 14% — or 1 in 7 — of all websites.

Participant View

Built on the OpenTok Platform, the plugin adds live video communications to any page at the press of a button. With no download required for participants or viewers, live video chats bring enhanced engagement with site visitors, boosting traffic and time on site.

“The Web is meant to provide advanced levels of interaction, but sadly it has lagged significantly when it comes to interaction among multiple people or between multiple locations,” said Ian Small, TokBox CEO. “Any time you turn on the television you can see reporters and presenters from out in the field and in the studio come together and discuss the news of the moment. Until today you couldn’t do that on WordPress.”

“There are endless applications for video conferencing within a WordPress site, from talk shows and discussion groups to office hours or customer support — in fact, anything where you might want to bring anyone from Abbottobad to Anaheim together on the screen. Adding the sociality of live video into the Web creates a whole new generation of opportunities to promote your site and engage with your audience,” he said.

The OpenTok plugin enables video chat in almost any format, including:

Anderson Cooper format — single presenter
Service format — service provider with a customer
Larry King format — presenter and spokesperson in different locations in front of audience
Open Hours format — one leader with multiple other participants
Oprah format — discussions or group interviews involving up to 10 people in different locations, in front of an audience
Group chat format — private chat for up to 10 participants
Since launching in November 2010, more than 2,000 organizations, developers and website owners have used the OpenTok Platform to add live video communications to their site or service.

About TokBox
OpenTok from TokBox is the leading global online video communications platform, enabling the addition of live group video communications into any web property. Incorporating solutions for enterprises, entrepreneurs and developers, anyone with a web presence can harness the power

To add the OpenTok Video Chat plugin for WordPress, go to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/opentok-video-chat.

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