WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

Wp2whiz Offers Secure WordPress Hosting

wp2whiz.com, WordPress hosting service provider brings the twist in hosting the WordPress application by bringing additional security and optimization with their WordPress hosting service.

Securing and optimizing WordPress for someone new to blogging and WordPress usage can be a large burden because there are so many options to choose from and most of them are in “do it yourself” way. Since it’s easy to start utilizing WordPress blogging capabilities many people jump into this wagon, but then have two options: just moving on and neglecting website security and speed demands, which certainly isn’t a good thing, or on the other hand spending tons of time on researching and finding the right configuration for the site. Not that there isn’t enough guidance on the Internet on this topic, but there are too many of them with different tips. There are numerous plugins that enhance WordPress protection, but none of them isn’t the ultimate one stop for your site security. Same applies for optimizing WordPress websites, with different minification, caching, and other techniques and resources available in the market. Excessive load of overlapping plugins logically isn’t something good, since it brings unnecessary strain to the website and if you do not know what you’re doing, it can leave security gaps. Wp2whiz Hosting team seems to recognize this space and tend to narrow this gap by providing additionally secured and optimized WordPress installation along with their hosting plans.

“After few years with WordPress we have realized that too many people neglect optimization and security measures after signing up with hosting provider.” said Mr. Slobodan Borkovic, sales director at Wp2whiz Hosting. “Our servers employ Supermicro and CloudLinux technology ensuring forceful hosting service and we employ additional backup and optimization measures helping bloggers and small business owners to feel more calmly about their website property. This is the immense value to website owners and we have a simple goal, to be the best option for WordPress hosting.”

WordPress is a free, open source, customized software that got available in 2003 as a blogging script. Since then, it has evolved in fully functional CMS and still is the most popular blog publishing platform in the world, used by millions bloggers. The software’s open source nature allows anyone to view the software code, modify it and add additional functionality. With Wp2whiz Hosting WordPress users will have less worries about their websites, certainly bringing WordPress hosting to a new level compared to usual hosting providers.

About Wp2whiz Hosting:
Founded with intention to bring more conformity to end WordPress users, wp2whiz.com is WordPress hosting provider, ensuring speed up and more protection to WordPress application with the mission to keep the pace with evolving WordPress releases and providing adequate support to clients.

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