WordPress Visual Sticky Plugin Creates Custom Footer

A new WordPress plugin called Visual Sticky Footer lets you make custom footers for blogs.

Bloggers can promote their posts, products, other web sites, or social media profiles with a new WordPress plugin called Visual Sticky Footer. The plugin makes a simple, customizable footer to go on any page, blog post or category. Visual Sticky Footer is free and was developed by the Really Cheap Health Insurance web site.
Download the plugin and get installation tips at http://reallycheaphealthinsurance.com/visual-sticky-footer-wordpress-plugin

The sticky footer follows readers as they scroll down the page. The plugin has over 100 icons to choose from, or bloggers can upload their own icons. With each icon a blogger can choose to add text and link to other pages on their site or other websites.

Bloggers may use the plugin to create a list of the most popular posts, to post an advertisement, or to call attention to upcoming events or news.
“We make it easy to include advertisements or other content in your footer. The sticky footer bar is customizable. Just enter an html hex color code and you can change the color of your footer or have it transparent.”

Really Cheap Health Insurance uses the Visual Sticky Footer to link to health insurance quotes, their blog and to search their web site. A blogger who has downloaded the plugin has links to her book, her speaker’s page, her Twitter page, and her bio. When on her services page she has links to related products (with affiliate links) in the footer. The company wanted to make this available to everyone, with no coding needed.

To see how Visual Sticky Footer works, go to http://reallycheaphealthinsurance.com/visual-sticky-footer-wordpress-plugin

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