Topspin WordPress Plugin

This Official Topspin WordPress Plugin by theuprising allows novice and pro Topspin users alike to quickly and easily create integrated, customized, sortable and dynamically generated stores from their Topspin Offers in a few minutes.

The plugin allows for the creation of any number of individual Store Pages and configurations of Offers based on Offer Types and Tags. Store Pages can be restricted to specific Offer Type(s) and/or Tag(s). They can then be sorted by Offer Type(s), Tag(s), or Manually using a new drag-and-drop admin interface.

Automatic Store Page creation based on Offer Types and Tags
Display of Offers in some or all Offer Types and/or Tag groups
Sorting by Offer Type(s), Tag(s), or Manually via the drag-and-drop admin interface
Ability to select the # of columns for each Store Page from 1-6
Ability to select the # of Offers to display on each page for Pagination
Ability to set a Featured Item for each Store Page
Customizable store name and slug
Shortcodes for both Store and individual Featured Item content
Immediate output of fully functional Store Pages will little or no CSS or Template customization (novice)
Fully customizable Template and CSS files (pro)

Topspin Artist Account Required. Please visit:

Download and info:

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