Goggle Affiliate Network WordPress Plugin

Deepwoods Software has released Goggle Affiliate Network WordPress Plugin 2.0 .

This plugin maintains a database of Google Affiliate Network ads, which can then be displayed in rotation via widgets. Both text links and image ads can be displayed. The widgets are parameterized. There is backend access to the database table of links. Links can be added and/or edited by hand. A Tcl script is included to insert
E-Mailed links (link subscriptions). The Widgets are parameterized for both sidebar display (vertical layout) as well as leader/footer display (horizontal layout). Changes in this release include:

Major changes:
Ad are now served in iframes, which helps isolate the ad content from the page content (avoids confusing search engines).

Code broken up into multiple files (more modular).

Impression counting added. Used to spread the impressions out across merchants and ads. Also use for statistical reporting.

Plugin homepage: http://www.deepsoft.com/GAN

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