WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

AvantLink Releases WordPress Affiliates Plugin

AvantLink.com, has launched a WordPress plugin for Affiliates: AvantLink WP. Once installed and configured, the plugin allows for quick and easy WordPress integration of the most powerful ad technology the network has to offer. As with any of the network’s tools & scripts, AvantLink WP is free of charge to qualified Affiliates.

For Affiliate marketers interested in utilizing AvantLink WP, it’s just a matter of performing a quick search for the keyword “AvantLink” in the “Add New Plugin” configuration within the WordPress administrative panel. Affiliates can also download the plugin via the “Tools” section of their account management interface. Once the plugin is installed and configured, the following ad functionality is accessible and easy-to-integrate from within WordPress:

Ad Campaigns (e.g. text/banner ads, video ads, etc.)
Affiliate Link Encoder
Custom Links
Product Ad Widgets
ProductSearch API

“For some time now we have recognized the power and scalability of the WordPress CMS as it relates to our industry,” says Gary Marcoccia, AvantLink CMO. “More and more Affiliates are using WordPress to manage their content, so it was a no brainer to develop a plugin that not only covers the basic installation of banners or ad widgets, but also allows users to integrate significantly more complicated ad techology like our ProductSearch API. If you’re using WordPress for one (or ten!) of your Affiliate sites, you should definitely check out AvantLink WP.”

As with any of AvantLink’s proprietary ad technology, the initial release of AvantLink WP is designed to accommodate future enhancements and upgrades. Both Affiliates, and merchants with Affiliate programs on AvantLink, are encouraged to submit suggestions for future version improvements.

About AvantLink
AvantLink.com is the premiere Affiliate referral tracking, analytics and technology platform for web retailers. Founded in 2005 on the ideas of innovation, quality and service, AvantLink offers an array of industry leading Affiliate tools & scripts that are integrated in the network free of charge. For more information, or to apply to the network as an Affiliate or merchant, visit AvantLink.com

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