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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Microsoft Word / Excel Post Office for WordPress

Post Office is a plugin by Jacotheron/Starsites that will post your or create a page from Word/Excel files.

It will extract the contents once, and save it as a post/page, removing the unrequired files (saving you space).

The 2007 files of Microsoft Office are all ZIP files, saving you even Bandwidth when uploading them with this plugin.

This Plugin is Free Open Source: A Great Plugin to Compliment WordPress, for Free.

Please note: * Do not use older Office files, they will not work (since they are not ZIP files).

This script might sometimes be very Resource Intensive as well as taking a long time to complete based on your document and Server, please just be patient.

This script will not modify the time limit for proccessing large files and it will also not modify the maximum file size for upload, thus it is possible for the script to run out of time.

We only test to make sure the plugin works on the latest versions of WordPress. This plugin requires features that was first introduced in version 2.8 and should be able to work on WordPress 2.8 and further. The plugin, however might work on earlier versions, but we can’t provide support for those versions.

If you reqiure support, please open a ticket on our support website @ support.starsites.co.za.

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-office/

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