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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Specific Files for Posts and Pages Plugin

Specific Files for Posts and Pages plugin by dwieeb allows you to include CSS or JS files into specific pages around your WordPress website. With this plugin you will be able to include certain CSS or JS files in only selected pages, instead of including them everywhere.

It places meta boxes in the WordPress page/post editor so it’s easy to select which files you want to include with the page or post that you’re currently editing. This plugin works well for all websites, large and small, and it works well with networked WordPress (WordPress MU).

Some potential uses include:

Including a jQuery plugin only on page(s) that need it. No need to include the hefty JavaScript file for all pages just to make it work for some.
Including a stylesheet for microformats such as vCard. No need to include vcard.css on every page! Only those that have the microformat on them.

Plugin homepage: http://www.danielimhoff.com/wordpress-plugins/specific-files/

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