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WordPress Announcements News and Information

e107 Importer Plugin for WordPress

e107 Importer is a plugin by coolkevman that allows you to extract the most important content and data from an e107 CMS instance and import them into your WordPress blog.

Import news and their categories,
Handle extended part of news nicely,
Import custom pages (and take care of their private / public visibility),
Import comments (both from news and custom pages),
Import images from news and pages,
Let you choose which kind of images you want to upload to WordPress (external or not),
Import preferences (site name, description, …),
Convert embedded BBCode to plain HTML,
Import users and their profile (or try to update the profile if user already exist),
Try to map users to an appropriate role,
Send mails to users to inform them about their new credentials,
Redirect old e107 news, pages, users and feeds URLs to new WordPress content via an integrated plugin (for SEO).

Tested with e107 0.7.24 and WordPress 3.1-RC3.

Plugin homepage: http://kevin.deldycke.com/2011/01/e107-importer-wordpress-plugin-v1-0-released/

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/e107-importer/

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