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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Easy CSV Importer Plugin

This plugin by Ryan Bayne uses any csv file to make 500 or 1 million posts or pages, use shopperpress or classipress, automated updating or manual, import all at once or spread it out over days or weeks, import to the blog your logged into or use the blog your on to put the data into a totally different blog (Blog 2 Blog), use custom permalinks or the default, use the default post data or apply your own from data or even increment random dates between a date range you get to set including future scheduled posts or publish everything straight away, learn from 5 to 10 minute long tutorial videos or just get stuck into the intelligent interface that makes a complex import task that developers used to handle.

This is a premium plugin. present price: £49.99

Plugin homepage: http://www.webtechglobal.co.uk/featured/easy-csv-importer

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