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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Google Maps Store Locator Plugin for WordPress

Google Maps Store Locator for WordPress plugin by viadat gives you the ability to effectively show important locations (stores, buildings, points of interest, etc.)

Provides Mapping, Display, and Search of Locations For:
Those of you who create sites for clients using WordPress
Those of you who want to show your important locations (stores, buildings, points of interest, etc.) in an easily searchable manner.

You can use it for numerous countries, which will continue to be added as Google adds new countries to their Google Maps API. See the documentation for the latest
Supports international languages and character sets
Allows you to use unique map icons or your own custom map icons — great for branding your map
Gives your map the desired look by using our Map Designer™ interface in the WordPress admin section
Pick other cool Google Maps options, such as an inset box, zoom level, map types (street, satellite, hybrid, physical), and more
You can use miles or kilometers
Automatically restricts loading of Javascript & CSS to only pages that display the map (or that might need access to the JS & CSS) for better site performance
Option to show dropdown list of cities allows visitors to quickly see where your locations are and choose their search accordingly

Plugin homepage: http://www.viadat.com/products-page/

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