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BP My Home BuddyPress Plugin

BP My Home plugin by imath requires BuddyPress and adds to it the ability to add moveable and collapsible custom widgets to Member’s home (siteurl/members/name_of_user). Logged in users can see their Home and choose in their settings area the widgets they want to use. They can also set their Home to be the homepage of the website.

4 widgets comes with this plugin (My Feeds, My Notepad, My Comments and My Bookmarks).

The Administrator of the website / network of blogs can configure the available widgets from the BuddyPress submenu BPMH Manager in the WordPress backend. He can also upload new widgets in a zip format. Finally, he can enable the bookmarking of posts or pages from his website or network of blogs in the bookmark widget and can give the ability for a user to add a feed directly in his My Feed Widget.

In order to add the feed feature, the bpmh rss tag have to be added to the template files (for instance : single.php, category.php, index.php, search.php, archive.php …) of the active theme, to do so simply add the following code : .

This plugin is available in French and English.

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-my-home/

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