WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

HostCo Announces Premium Shared WordPress Hosting Solution

HostCo, a premium WordPress hosting provider specializing in secure, highly scalable WordPress hosting, announced its “Suite” offering today. Suite premium WordPress-only hosting is an offering that targets lower traffic blogs concerned with security and response times better than that of traditional shared hosting. With Suite, HostCo is evolving its custom high performance WordPress hosting platform to include a Plesk-based panel and support for up to three blogs, all at a price point of $15 a month.

“We’ve resisted an offering like this until we could engineer a solution that allowed us to maintain our minimalist design and high performance feature set,” stated Derick Schaefer, HostCo founder. “Though it took us some time, we’ve created a solution that met our standards, and we are excited about what it offers the WordPress community.”

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that runs on both Windows and Linux. Despite its ease of use for end users, the software itself is resource-intensive, which impacts performance on typical hosting platforms. Furthermore, hackers have specifically targeted the hosting stacks of WordPress blogs in order to gain access to critical parts of the blogging platform. Premium hosting providers have created customized solutions that have typically been invite-only or financially out of the reach of most bloggers. HostCo, a division of Orangecast Social Media, is one of a handful of WordPress-only hosting providers that provides a premium offering at a price point affordable for the average blogger. Unlike other providers, HostCo is very sensitive to server density levels. Suite-based servers will have no more than 100 blogs per server instance. Their other premium shared offering, Time Share, features servers that have no more than 10 blogs per server instance.

“We built the HostCo platform to solve for the problems of our own blogs at Orangecast. Once we did, people started asking for it so we took a step back and engineered it for commercial use without ruining it,” said Schaefer.

In conjunction with this product launch, HostCo has rebranded its offerings with naming from the hospitality industry. These include: Suite, Suite eCommerce, Time Share (formerly Shared 10), and Private (formerly Premium VPS).

HostCo is a division of Orangecast Social Media based in Dallas, TX. Founded in 2006, Orangecast provides social media marketing and search engine optimization services to a variety of clients in the United States. In addition, Orangecast owns and operates MidwestSportsFans.Com which has an exclusive advertising/content relationship with the YardBarker Network and FoxSports.Com

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