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WordPress Print Friendly & PDF Button Plugin

Print Friendly & PDF button plugin by printfriendly saves paper and ink when printing or creating a PDF. It’s fast, easy, and looks great when printed. Add the button now, and you’re users will see the difference.

The PrintFriendly widget optimizes and formats your pages for print. Users can remove images and get a PDF

How Pint Friendly & PDF Works
The Print Friendly & PDF button automatically creates printer friendly and PDF versions of your pages without the hassle of CSS or Print.CSS. No coding, hacking or programming required. Simply install the Print Friendly & PDF plugin, activate, and choose settings for full customization.

Cool Features For You:
Get a Printer Friendly and PDF button for your users.
Fully Customizable! Choose your favorite print and PDF button, use a text link, or use your own graphic.
Get precision placement with easy to change margins, alignment, and pages for your Print and PDF button.
On-Page-Lightbox. Have you noticed that most printer friendly buttons open new windows, or tabs? Not with Print Friendly & PDF button. It opens in a Lightbox so you your users stay on the page, and your wp website.
Professional looking print and PDF buttons and user experience.
More repeats and new users. Your brand/URL are printed on the page or saved in the PDF so users remember your site, or new users can find you.
Cool Print Features for Users:
Optimizes pages for printing and PDF so you save money and the environment.
You can Print or get a PDF
Edit the page before printing or getting a PDF

Download and Info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/printfriendly/

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