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Atmosphere 2010 WordPress Theme

Atmosphere 2010 by adeptr is based on the the default twenty ten theme from WordPress, inspired by the un-supported 2007 theme called Atmosphere, this theme is simple, and readable, custom menu, header image, featured images (thumbnails for gallery posts). social media ready, theme options, includes stylesheets for print and the admin Visual Editor, special styles for posts in the “Asides” and “Gallery” categories, and has an optional one-column page template that removes the sidebar.


Twenty Ten based: A composite theme created from twenty ten
Theme Options Page: Allows admin to turn off many of the widgets and other features
Social Media Icons: Allows the linking to six social media website
Two Column: main and sidebar
Header: allows custom image upload and the titles are switchable
Wide Template with no sidebars
Two WordPress Custom Menus top and main, these can be turned off
One Sidebar with three widget areas, the top and bottom pre-populate with widgets
Footer: Four Widget Areas and a text credit line from the theme options page
Gallery and Asides categories are created when the theme is activated
Function to clean the post and page html to limit code errors.

Theme homepage: http://digitalraindrops.net/atmosphere/

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