WordPress AntiScraper Plugin Service

AntiScraper plugin by antiscraper is a web service you connect to your blog to block web scrapers. Web scrapers are used to grab your blog posts and post them on an “autopilot” blog. Stealing content harms your Google rank, and it costs you ad money and viewers.

AntiScraper uses a community-based blacklist of known scrapers to block the “bot” from taking your content. The web service is called, and if the website is a part of the blacklist, the scraper is blocked. This does not protect from someone manually copying and pasting your content to their blog, but it stops the bots, making it more difficult for people to steal your blog posts.

AntiScraper is free to try for 30 days. After the trial period expires, it’s $10 per year. You can add the code to as many of your blogs and websites on one account, but one account affects all of your websites. This means that if you add an IP address to your account, you block a scraper on all of your websites.

Please support the effort to report scrapers and send a report at http://antiscraper.com

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/antiscraper/

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