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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Social-News WordPress Plugin

Social-News plugin by Johannes Fosseus adds a new post type and a form so that your site visitors can post stories, news or articles direct to the site (no, they wont have to be registered). The package contains a very simple theme (social-news theme) to show you how this works. In the real world you build your own theme, look at the “add” template and the theme “functions.php”. Live usage at http://www.poetleaks.com/add/

The work flow The “Social News” plugin have an work flow where the posts will go in to WordPress in draft mode, and in the “Social News” post type. The blog editor will be notified by email, he/she reviews the post, add tags, categorys and in the end publish or removes it. The post author will be notified that the post is polished and receive an email containing a link back to the post.

Options The post form can use reCaptch and Facebook for security and to relate a person and user picture to the post. If so you will need to add some “keys” as template options.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-news/

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