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Google News Unique Permalink ID for WordPress

Google News Unique Permalink ID is a WordPress plugin by brainsap-dev that automatically adds a 5 Digit Unique IDs to Permalinks.

This Plugin will generate Permalinks formatted for Google News, i.e. myblog.org/this-is-a-very-interesting-post-12345 or myblog.org/this-is-a-very-interesting-post-for-real-45678

Adds a unique 5-digit ID to all Permalinks on your Blog to make it work properly with Google News
On Editing a Post which has already a Permanent ID, the URL may change if you are changing the Title, but the Unique ID always remains the same
Older Posts which have been created before installing this Plugin will not be affected at all, neither on install nor on edit
You are still free to add your own unique ID to the permalink, the Plugin won’t override it

Plugin Requirements:
Settings > Permalinks has to be set to “Custom Structure” /%postname% (dont forget the leading slash)

Plugin homepage: http://www.brainsap-development.com/wp-plugins/google-news-per

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/google-news-unique-permalink-id/

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