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WordPress Fast Image Adder Plugin

Fast Image Adder plugin for WordPress inserts a small box into your Edit Post page that lets you paste in a URL, type in a title, and instantly generate customized HTML code that references that image. It alsodownloads the image to your Uploads directory.

Fast Image Adder also takes care of all of the other stuff you would expect. It resizes large images to a predefined width, so they don’t overwhelm your template or load too slowly for users. To avoid possible filename collision, the plugin adds a random suffix of numbers when creating a file on your server.

Fast Image Adder also lets you configure five parameters in the HTML pattern: image URL, file name, friendly name, height and width. You can use these multiple times, so if you have a neat gallery plugin you can configure it easily.

Requires WordPress Version: 3.0 or higher Compatible up to: 3.0.1

This plugin was first shown at Blog Indiana 2010 and is a product of Slaughter Development, LLC, a workflow and productivity consulting company. It is provided free of charge and without warranty to the WordPress community.


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