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Fast Category Cloud WordPress Plugin

Fast Category Cloud WordPress Plugin ByREV Fast Category Cloud is a wordpress plugin that shows categories as a tag cloud.

ByREV Fast Category Cloud Features:
True Fade Color ~ all the colors change independently, but the correct proportion of each variety of colors: red, green and blue.)
Cache Result ~ for fast loading and use less resources (default timeout cache = 60s)
Show Count Post ~ number of items is displayed outside the category link, so SEO is not affected.
Sort by : ascending order, descending, alphabetical and random.
Limit Category ~ Show a fixed number of categories (option)
Exclude category with lower number of posts
Minimum and maximum font size can be of any value
Highly optimized for speed and memory

Plugin is divided in two: “Basic Version” which can be used by inserting PHP code in template pages, and a “Widget Version” which can be manipulated in the WordPress configuration page. The fastest is the “Basic Version”.
Cache help to increase speed and conserve CPU resources.
Both scripts are under 100 lines of code, each have exactly 97 lines each.
For most routines have been tested several versions of code and was chosen the fastest of them.

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fast-category-cloud-wordpress-plugin/

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