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WordPress courseManagement (CM) Plugin

WordPress courseManagement (CM) plugin Handle courses and participants via admin in a simple way with CM. With CM you can add/edit/remove course and decide if you want to show them in the registrationform. For displaying the course overview on a wordpresspage add the following code and the courses will be displayed in a table.

Within CM you can also handle the participants of the courses. Every time a registration is made from the registrationform it’s saved in the database and it’s displayed in the participant overview. You can also decide if the admin should get a email when a registration is made under settings. To display the registrationform on a wordpresspage add the code in code view of the editor and save the page.

If you want captcha with the registrationform download the plugin Really Simple Captcha and activate. Then the registrationform gets a new field with the captcha image and inputfield.

For uninstalling the CM. On the Settings page mark the Yes radiobutton at Uninstall and click the save button. Go to ‘Plugin’ menu in WordPress and deactivate CM and then delete the plugin.

This plugin has been tested on WordPress 3.0 and 3.0.1 Stable version is 0.3.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/coursemanagement-cm/

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