WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

Educator.com Announces WordPress Online Course

Educator.com’s WordPress Course has multiple lessons on a wide variety of blogging topics.

There are 33 informative lessons with more than 8 hours of detailed WordPress instruction currently available on the site.

You no longer need to know HTML in order to build an amazing website. Add RSS feeds, images, custom fonts, polls, headers and more in one of WordPress’s many dynamic themes. Target the right audience, increase traffic, and add widgets to any page. Students can do all that and more with Professor Jim Hague, who uses his 15+ years of website design experience to skillfully guide students through WordPress’s many layers.

People love WordPress because of its variety, flexibility, and incredible community of users. Unlocking its vast array of features is as easy as signing up for Educator.com. For the affordable price of $35 dollars a month, students have complete access to a variety of high school, college, and professional courses. With 60+ courses to choose from on Educator.com, students can learn just about anything, anywhere. Opt for the 6 month or 12 month bundle plan and save even more.

Educator.com provides both amateur and seasoned web designers with digital study material that meets both their academic and financial needs. New and exciting courses are frequently added. At this time Educator’s WordPress lessons are available for immediate viewing. Other helpful courses include HTML 5 and CSS.

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