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WordPress Simple Website Screenshot Plugin

With this WordPress plugin by Pigi, you will be able to create website screenshots using shortcode. This plugin uses a WordPress.com server’s function.

You must specify the “url” like “www.example.com” (without “http://”) the width and the height of the image. The right syntax is:

[screenshot url=”www.example.com” width=”xx” height=”xx”] (in this case you can float your image)
[screenshotright url=”www.example.com” width=”xx” height=”xx”] (the image position is right; “text —> image”)
[screenshotleft url=”www.example.com” width=”xx” height=”xx”] (image float left; “image —> text”)

Plugin homepage: http://www.digg-it.info/wordpress-plugin-developer/wordpress-simple-website-screenshot

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