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WordPress Announcements News and Info

BuddyPress Sliding Login Panel Plugin

BuddyPress Sliding Login Panel plugin by Sarah Gooding delivers a fancy, smooth AJAX login experience for BuddyPress users.

It also includes an account center with a full user menu.

The plugin adds a tab to the top of the page to pull down a panel where the user can login. I wrote in a BuddyPress profile and account preview center for logged in users where they will be able to check out a teaser of their new messages and friend requests as well as navigate to other areas of the site.


Logged Out Users: The panel displays a welcome message, link to registration, password retrieval, and an AJAX login form.
Logged In Users: The panel displays a total of two new messages with links to the inbox, the user’s current avatar and option to change it, a list of links to the most commonly-used BuddyPress components, and a preview of the user’s friend requests.

Plugin homepage: http://buddypress.org/community/groups/buddypress-sliding-login-panel

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