BuddyPress User Account Type PRO

BuddyPress User Account Type PRO is a premium WordPress plugin to categories your BuddyPress site members and manage their profile information and access. It is pretty much useful for membership sites, or any sites which has various types of users

BuddyPress User Account Type PRO
Categories your users: If your site have various types of users, e.g, Teachers, Students, Client, Developer, Agency, and if you want to separate their identity and access, BuddyPress User Account Type PRO can be the best solution. By default, BuddyPress has a global members directory where all members of the site is shown. it is pretty simple and plain. By using BuddyPress User Account Type PRO, you can have different directories for different types of users. and you can get total flexibility of searching and filtering particular type of members.

Different profile fields for different type users: BuddyPress User Account Type PRO allows you to have different profile fields for different types of user. and it gives you total control to hide and show fields,

Conditional profile fields at registration: In registration page, you may have conditional profile fields associated with type. So, When user select own type, associated fields with that particular type will be generated via ajax request.

Roles and capability: BuddyPress User Account Type PRO allows you to assign different roles for different types of user. and also they can have different capabilities.

Access management: BuddyPress User Account Type PRO provides you to restrict posts/pages/partially contents from different types of users using simple shortcodes.

Shortcode based custom directory: You can have custom members list in you page content or post or anywhere you like, just using simple shotcodes, you can filter members.

Layout: BuddyPress members directory has only default list style layout, BuddyPress User Account Type PRO allow you to change directory style to list or grid or both.

Customization style and elements: The plugin provides you enough flexibility to customize directory style and elements. you can selected elements which you want to show or not, e.g, avatar, name, friend button etc.

More information: http://wpbpshop.com/buddypress-user-account-type-pro

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