Digiprove Copyright Proof Plugin for WordPress

Copyright notice plugin by Digiprove. Prove authorship, deter plagiarism, and protect your copyright.

Obtain a digitally signed and time-stamped certificate of content of each wordpress post (for proof of copyright). Inserts notice of Digiprove certificate at end of post. At your option, there will be a link back from digiprove.com to your post.

“Digiprove is a commercial service, our WordPress plug-in is still a Beta release, so we are happy to offer the use of Copyright Proof and the Digiprove services provided thereby completely free-of-charge to all WordPress users. Although the plug-in is in Beta form, it is still fully functional.”

Plugin homepage: http://www.digiprove.com/copyright_proof_wordpress_plugin.aspx

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  1. mrc says:

    the wordpress plugin seems to work fine, but it appears to strip backslashes from the blog post (upon publishing the post)

    when I deactive the plugin and republish the post, the backslashes re-appear.

  2. WpInfo says:

    There is an FAQ at: http://www.digiprove.com/copyright_proof_wp_plugin_faq.aspx

    With details of how to report bugs, and hopefully get help.

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