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MultiPress Autoblogging Plugin for WordPress

MultiPress Autoblogging plugin by two enough, can efficiently and effectively autopost content dripped from RSS feeds (including Youtube and Flickr), 3 of the largest article directories and yahoo answers.

On top of that it utilizes its own unique latent semantic analysis engine in order to autotag those posts and make your life even easier. That is more then even some paid autobloggign plugins can do.

Truly “Set and forget it” WordPress autoblogging plugin. The content rules ensure organic growth of your blogs, without spamming search engines.

Totally free, no limitations.

After install you need to create some posting rules from the “Automatic Posting” menu on the right sidebar (under the “Posts” section). Those rules will basically define what to post, where to look for content and where to post it in your blog (what categories). Different options are also available when creating the rules, based on each source particularities (if is a RSS rule, Articles rule or Yahoo Answers rule).

You also have global “Autoposting settings” under the “Settings” section in WordPress sidebar. Leaving the default settings there will do just fine.

Plugin homepage: http://multipressplugin.com/

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