WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Independent Newspaper Changes to WordPress

The Independent newspaper has switched it’s online website blogs: independent.co.uk to WordPress from Livejournal.

Martin King Online Editor at: independent.co.uk writes the move was “To make them better”

Martin King also writes

We wanted:

* to integrate them better with the main site, inheriting some of its look but still maintaining their distinctive feel;

* to raise their standards, using only in-house or invited bloggers, combining with our drive to improve the standard of comments;

* to continue pushing forward a site that is ever more social-media-friendly, incorporating our recently improved and well-received comments functionality;

* to add more sections to our popular Eagle Eye on politics, with newcomers comprising The Foreign Desk, Sports, Art and the widely-embracing Notebook;

* to enable our posters to add quicker views and analysis more easily.

The last point will be especially beneficial to The Independent’s overseas correspondents, with their busy and occasionally perilous lives. As long as they can send an email, that can be posted immediately, including any image.

The blogs are built with a standard WordPress system, incorporating our Disqus comments. We are demonstrating that globally standard programs can free mainstream journalism from the complex bespoke set-ups of the past.



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