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Make PDF Newspaper WordPress Plugin

The ‘Make PDF Newspaper’ plugin by Martin Hawksey replaces the Make Tabbloid to automatically create printer friendly ‘tabloid’ editions of your WordPress blog in an attractive 2 column magazine/newspaper format. Development of the original plugin stopped after HP removed API access to their service. The new plugin uses code developed for the Five Filters PDF Newspaper project, which in itself pulls together code from a number of other open source projects including TCPDF, HTML Purifier, SimplePie and SmartyPants

The plugin includes a widget to let you control how you advertise your ‘tabloid edition’. You can also choose to display a thumbnail of your custom newsletter (powered by Bluga.net Webthumb) to let your readers see what they are missing.

Plugin homepage: http://www.rsc-ne-scotland.org.uk/mashe/wordpress-plugins/make-pdf-newspaper-2/

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