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WordPress Announcements News and Information

ComicPress Comic Publishing Theme for WordPress

This WordPress theme is ideal for publishing comics online as blogging software is specifically designed for regularly posting and archiving blocks of content to the Web.

ComicPress provides you a WordPress theme with the necessary comic display, navigation and archiving features built in as well as seemlessly presenting your comic and blog posts yet handling them accordingly. It’s clean neutral style is designed to be used right out of the box, but with a little CSS knowledge you can style it as custom as you can imagine.

• Clean, easily styled theme
• Choice of 5 page layouts (Standard, 3-Column, Vertical, Vertical 3-Column, Graphic Novel)
• Full comic navigation first, previous, next and last as well as chapter navigation (accesible navigation above the comic)
• 5 archive page templates for displaying your archives (in addition to WordPress native archiving)
• Built-in comic transcription and search
• Comic specific Widgets to customize sidebars
• Support for threaded comments
• Infinite hierarchy storylines* (categorize by volumes and chapters to any depth level)
*Requires ComicPress Manager Plugin

Info, download and demo at: http://comicpress.org/

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