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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Clean Options Plugin

Finds orphaned options and allows for their removal from the wp_options table. The current version is 1.3.1 If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvement, Please let me know.

The Clean Options plugin provides an easy way for WordPress bloggers to manage their wp_options table. It has many built in safety features that will help prevent accidental deletion of table rows that may be needed for the error free operation of the blog. It’s goal is to give plugin users an easy and safe way to get a bloated wp_options table down to a manageable size, thus improving the performance of their blog, and keep it that way. It also provides warning messages that will alert plugin users of potential problems that are encountered.

In addition to the warning messages, option names can be double-checked by following the link to the wp-admin/options.php page, using the Google search links, and by searching the wp-content folder for files that contain either the option_name outside of get_option, or fragments of the option_name (up to 3 pieces).

The Clean Options plugin works with PHP >= 4.2.0 and PHP 5.

More info: http://www.mittineague.com/dev/co.php

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