World Cup Predictor WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin designed by Ian Haycox to collect users predictions for each of the matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Users predict the score for each match in the group and knockout stages and are awarded points based on the accuracy of their prediction.

Match results may also be displayed using this plugin.

easy adding of matches, venues, results
entry form for users to make predictions on each World Cup games
sidebar widget to display prediction standings
sidebar widget to display currently logged in users’ predictions
countdown timer to next prediction deadline
display of match results and group tables
configurable scoring system to award points to users’ predictions

Plugin homepage:

Download and config info at:

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  1. WpInfo says:

    V1.1 of the World Cup Predictor plugin for WordPress has been released.

    New Features
    Points for predicting a draw in the knockout stage are now awarded based on goals scored
    Using the highlight attribute in a shortcode, or via Widget configuration, a CSS style can be applied to the currently logged-in users’ score or ranking.
    Added option to display a users total score in the table footer
    Matches can now be ordered by kickoff time or by group
    Scored matches are indicated with a green tick

    Bug Fixes
    Prevent user entry of Penalty Shootout unless the prediction is a Draw
    Fixed kickoff time for Serbia-Ghana (Match 8, Group D)
    Prevent administrators from entering duplicate predictions
    Show correct avatars for each user

    Download at:

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