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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Edit Flow Project WordPress Plugin

This plugin aim’s to improve the WordPress Admin interface for a multi-user newsroom’s editorial workflow.

Edit Flow is a WordPress plugin project initiated to enable a multi-user newsroom to handle more of their editorial workflow within WordPress. It is being developed by Mo Jangda, Daniel Bachhuber, Scott Bressler, and Will Davis. Currently, a vanilla install of WordPress has deficiencies in that:

the editorial workflow is limited and does not scale well where numerous individuals interact with a single Post or where more complex editing workflows are required;

the editorial workflow is not conducive to planning of future content (while the Draft feature does facilitate this to some extent, the existing feature set does not scale in scenarios where different users are responsible for different components of a post, or different steps within the workflow).

the ability for users to communicate within the Administration interface is limited, both the planning of future Posts/assignments and during the editing process.

More Info: http://www.copress.org/wiki/Edit_Flow_Project

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