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WordPress Announcements News and Information

PageLines Releases New CMS WordPress Theme – EcoPro

PageLines has launched a new CMS WordPress theme and will be donating a portion of sales to a local environmental non-profit organization.

“There are two things our customers want more of: Variety and Flexibility. EcoPro gives them this while allowing them to contribute to a greater cause,” explains PageLines founder Andrew Powers.

The inspiration behind EcoPro is the desire to create a professional product for the growing number of eco-conscious professionals. As a company, PageLines cares about the environment and those who work to protect it, and hopes to make a difference by supporting the Surfrider Foundation with each sale of this theme.

In 2009 there were more US beach closures and health advisories due to pollution than in the past 15 years, when monitoring first began. Surfrider’s mission focuses on clean water initiatives to protect water quality in coastal water sheds and in the near-shore marine environment, preventing further closures and health risks.

“In Southern California, Surfrider’s Huntington Beach chapter worked to drive the Orange County Sanitation District to agree to drop their Clean Water Action Section 301(h) waiver and stop the ocean discharge of 240 million gallons per day of partially treated sewage,” says Jim Moriarty, Chief Executive Officer at The Surfrider Foundation.

EcoPro can be purchased and downloaded at www.PageLines.com. In addition, full details on features, pricing and examples of websites developed using PageLines themes are available on the site.

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