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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Drag and Drop WordPress Design Framework by PageLines

PageLines, one of the leading developers of WordPress themes has removed the greatest barriers to developing, fast, beautiful, highly functional websites with Platform™. This new drag & drop design framework and layout editor finally allows non-coders to craft complex sites without knowing a stitch of CSS, PHP or HTML. Power users can hook into an advanced, simple API to create extensible elements that operate exactly as they should. The result is reliable, high-performance and easy to maintain websites with more flexibility, and less overhead, than any existing theme or framework.

“Our goal when we started work on Platform was to ‘take the code out of web design’, helping users build a custom web site faster & easier than ever before,” explained PageLines founder Andrew Powers. “To achieve this, we developed an entirely new kind of drag & drop website control. We also added draggable layout controls, draggable feature slides, boxes, banners, and comprehensive page-by-page options.”

What’s the advantage of adding a drag & drop framework to WordPress?

The three main choices when building a web site have traditionally been: custom-coding, WYSIWYG editors, and themes. Each approach his its drawbacks:

• Coding – Technical in nature, and difficult to maintain.

• WYSIWYG – Takes longer, and sites are built & designed primarily by the user, which can compromise code quality and limit page design.

• Themes – Often require custom code and knowledge of WordPress to customize.

The new Platform™ WordPress theme from PageLines ( http://www.pagelines.com/themes/platformpro ) has been designed from the ground up to solve these problems. Platform integrates the best aspects of all three options. It’s easy to customize as a WYSIWYG interface; as a theme, it’s a plug-and-play installation; and Platform allows site designers to add custom code in seconds, making it completely extendable.

According to Powers, sites built with Platform load very quickly, even though the theme offers a multitude of power-user features. “By only loading the HTML and javascript that is active on any given page,” said Powers, “we were able to provide users with a very high-performance site, despite the flexibility and huge number of options available [in Platform].”

An interactive online demo of Platform can be found on the company’s web site at http://www.pagelines.com/demos/platformpro

PlatformPro will be sold through the PageLines website. A single pro license will cost $95, good for multiple sites owned by the same person. Additionally, a multi-use developer license will be available for $175, which also includes compatibility with bbPress forum, graphics and links removed. For more information please visit http://PageLines.com/

About PageLines:
PageLines creates web products that empower designers, bloggers, and professionals to create stunning websites and blogs. PageLines is pioneering a more flexible and user-centered approach to web design, built on top of WordPress open-source blogging software. This means PageLines’ products are more extensible and supported by an already active community. PageLines and its products are dedicated to the success of their customers. The company can be reached online at http://PageLines.com or by e-mail at [email protected]

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