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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Million Blogs Pushed Offline by WordPress Network Bug

In an outrage which lasted for a total of 2 hours, network problems managed to push over 10 million WordPress blogs offline.

The problem was caused by a core router change which happened at one of WordPress. com data center providers, and this “broke the site”. Company estimates say that during the outrage, some 5.5 million page views were lost by the blogosphere.

“I know this sucked for you guys as much as it did for us ? the entire team was on pins and needles trying to get your blogs back as soon as possible. I hope it will be much longer than four years before we face a problem like this again”, said WordPress. com founder Matt Mullenweg, calling the latest issue the company’s “worst downtime in four years”.

“All of your data was safe and secure, we just couldn’t serve it”, he wrote.

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