WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

TweetPress 2 Beta WordPress Theme

TweetPress 2 looks like the default Twitter page.

TweetPress 2 Beta is the next revision of TweetPress. Two key features have been included in this version; the ability to post directly to your Twitter account when logged in, and the index page shows your latest Twitter status. Another feature included in this version of TweetPress is the built in Retweet feature. Using http://bit.ly api, each article will automatically get a shortened url for use with one-click retweet’s.

TweetPress 2 Beta has cleaner code and is better for the environment (Twitter’s environment) with far fewer service calls, as much of the data is cached on your server.

Wordpress 2.8+
cURL installed
PHP4, but PHP5 is recommended
Twitter account

More Info: http://gabrieljones.com/tweetpress/

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